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Product Introduction

YK series circular vibrating screen, also known as YK series circular vibrating screen, uses the inner eccentric shaft as the excitation force. The motor drives the eccentric shaft to rotate and then links the vibrating screen to make the circular motion trajectory of the up, front, down, and rear, so that it can be screened. The material is uniform and quickly slips through the screen to complete the screening work. YK series circular vibrating screen is a highly efficient vibrating screen manufactured by absorbing German technology. It is suitable for screening sand and gravel in quarries, and can also be used for product classification in coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries.
Using block eccentricity as the exciting force, the exciting force is strong. The screen beam and the screen box are connected by high-strength bolts without welding. The sieve machine has simple structure and convenient and quick maintenance. Using tire coupling, flexible connection, stable operation. The structure of small amplitude, high frequency and large angle of inclination makes this machine high in screening efficiency, maximum processing, long life, low power consumption and low noise. YK block eccentric circular vibrating screen has two structural forms: open type and closed type. This series of vibrating screens are divided into light type and heavy type. They are suitable for screening of different material granularity levels. When selecting, please confirm the voltage system and whether there are explosion-proof requirements. The equipment installation methods include support type and hanging type and the combination of the two. Kind of form.
YK circular vibrating screen is a screening equipment of a single-mass forced vibration system composed of vibration components such as screen box and vibrator, and rubber springs as elastic elements. The motor drives the vibrator through a tire coupling to make the eccentric block of the vibrator Rapid rotation generates exciting force. The screen box is continuously vibrated, and the material is continuously projected on the inclined screen surface with the screen box; when throwing, the particles are stratified, and the particles penetrate the screen during the process of falling and contact with the screen surface, and the particle classification process is completed repeatedly.


1.Smooth and durable operation: the machine adopts tire coupling, flexible connection, smooth operation. And the ring groove rivet connection, make it strong and durable.

2.Amplitude adjustable high efficiency: amplitude adjustable, material screening line length, multi-layer screening, various specifications screening clear, high screening efficiency.

3.Long life of thin oil lubrication: the machine vibrator adopts large clearance bearing, low noise and thin oil lubrication, so that its life is long.

4.Wide range of use: widely used in quarrying sand and gravel, but also for coal preparation, mining, mineral processing, building materials, power and chemical industries for product classification.


Model screen deck screen size (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Vibrating frequency (Hz) Motor power (kw) Weight (t) Overall Dimension (mm)
2YK~1230 2 1200x3000 200 10~90 16.2 7.5 2.3 3500x2127x1868
3YK~1230 3 1200x3000 200 30 ~90 16.2 7.5 3 3538x 2168 x2245
2YK~1548 2 1500x4800 200 50~190 13~16 15 5 5906x2100x1600
3YK~1548 3 1500 x4800 200 50~200 13~16 15 6 5906x2100x1900
4YK~1548 4 1500x4800 200 50~200 13~16 18.5 7.4 5906x2100x2150
2YK~1854 2 1800 x5400 200 50~280 16.2 18.5 6 6455 x2554x1220
3YK~1854 3 1800x5400 200 50 ~300 16.2 22 7 6509x2536x1910
4YK~1854 4 1800 x5400 200 80~320 16.2 30 9 6509x 2536x2250
2YK~2160 2 2100x6000 400 100~330 16.2 30 8.7 7150x2670x 2120
3YK~2160 3 2100x6000 400 100~380 16.2 30 10.2 7150x 2670x2270
4YK~2160 4 2100x6000 400 100~430 16.2 30 11.8 7150x2670x 2650
2YK~2460 2 2400x6000 400 100~380 16.2 30 9.2 7150x2900x1950
3YK~2460 3 2400x6000 400 160~450 16.2 30 11.5 7150x2900x2350
4YK~2460 4 2400x6000 400 160~450 16.2 37 13 7150 x2900 x2350
2YK~3070 2 3000 x7000 400 150~600 16.2 22x2 16 7970x4465x4764
3YK~3070 3 3000x7000 400 150~650 16.2 30x2 17 8225x4582 x4822

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